In New York several young people have been suspended for one game after they “Tebowed” between classes in the hall of their school. The reason for the suspensions according to ESPN was because they were prohibiting other students from getting to their classes.

I am at best a casual observer of football…I know and I grew up in Columbus and went to THE Ohio State University…on the field in Denver and wherever the formerly miserable Bronoco’s play a craze has been sparked by rookie QB sensation, Tim Tebow that has spilled off the field and into every corner of our culture.

Tebowing has a website devoted too it and because it has become such a part of our culture has just made its way into the dictionary.

Tebow is known just as well off the field because of his outspoken stance as being a Christian as he is for his on the field play. Like other players in College and Pro Sports, Tebow will take a knee as an expression of gratitude and recognition of his faith for an accomplishment on the field. Is it necessary? Probably not. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it anything to get bent out of shape about? No.

In a day and age when we see some football players dealing drugs, basketball players in brawls on the court that rival street fights and a major university football program and athletic department look the other way as children were raped on campus in their facilities by one of their own staff, suddenly taking a knee as a sign of gratitude doesn’t seem so bad, eh?

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