NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Wherever Anthem Lights performs, the musicians remind students and young adults to reflect the light and love of Christ into their schools and communities.

“As followers of Christ, we are supposed to be in the world, but not of this world,” band member Alan Powell said. “The self-doubt, insecurity and struggles that today’s students face come from messages that the enemy has sent to cause people to doubt God’s purpose for his children.

“God created us in his image. There’s nothing to doubt about that. As believers, we are called to share the message of the gospel while shining Christ’s light and love into a dark world.”

In addition to Powell, the group is made up of Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm and Kyle Kupecky. Since releasing their self-titled debut album, the band has been keeping a busy touring schedule.

Through their music and message, the group hopes to offer more than just a concert. They hope to provide a life-changing encounter with God.

“We want to help people understand who Jesus is and connect on a deeper level with him,” Kupecky said. “There are such mixed messages in our culture coming from music, movies and TV. That’s why we want to share a message that speaks to their soul, to encourage them and support them as they grow in Christ.”

Graham agreed, add-ing: “We want to use the gifts that God has given us to get this message out to people who need it. We want them to know that their life can have purpose and meaning in Christ. We all struggle with the idea of perfection, and we all stumble and fall, but the purpose for our life never goes away. And God never, ever gives up on his children.”

In December, the group is joining fellow musicians Natalie Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Newsboys, Selah and Francesca Battistelli, along with pastors/ authors Max Lucado and Randy Frazee on “The Story Tour.” This tour—designed to take audiences on a musical journey through the Bible—will be at the American Airlines Center in Dallas Dec. 2.

“We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people and hear how they are being impacted by the songs,” Powell said. “It’s our desire to reach people for Christ and to help make an eternal impact on their lives.

“We want people to know that there is hope, meaning and purpose found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. People don’t need to chase other things that are going to leave them empty and searching for more. There is fulfillment found in Christ.”