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Wayne Watson – Friend of a Wounded Heart

Dating back to before his remake of Tex Ritter’s “Touch of The Master’s Hand” Wayne Watson has found a way to bring those seeking Christ closer to Him through his songs.

On his projectWatercolour Ponies He had more popular “hits” but “Friend of a Wounded Heart” is my personal favorite of his and it served (and still does serve) as a healing ointment to broken hearts looking for hope and renewed strength through Christ.

Michael Card – Know You in The Now

An incredibly gifted writer, musician and singer Michael Card has given us so many songs to help us express our faith including these offerings from his 1988 project Present Reality

Contemporary Christian music has obviously changed over the past decades and I think most notably for me is the position of the writer has changed. In the songs of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s they seem to be written from a more intimate place whereas more recent offerings describe a more corporate setting. Neither is wrong or right, just an observation.