Several years ago I endeavored to take the stage as a stand up comedian.¬†Make no mistake, my shows were Rated G in every sense of the phrase but I had no idea or thought of going to a church and perform comedy. I’d been through the ringer in a battle and was ready rock the clubs. Oddly, prior to performing on the stages, I had NEVER BEEN TO A COMEDY CLUB! It was the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and the Christian Comedy push was a couple years off.

I remember when I first started thinking of turning my humor back too a work of my faith, I had no idea there was an entire group of comedians of faith that were performing regularly.  Sure, I knew Mike Warnke and Paul Aldrich but that is where my knowledge ended.

But as I was going to the Northberg Tavern and the Columbus Funny Bone Comedy Club for my open mic experience I came across a system of getting “Big Laughs” on a regular basis. It isn’t anything I wrote or had any hand in developing but I did employ its methods and noticed an impact almost immediately.

The name of the system is It is an amazing step by step guide on how you as a beginner, working comedian and pro can take whatever level you are at to even greater heights.

If you are anything like a guy I talked with recently, he asked “If you were doing so great why didn’t I ever hear of you and why aren’t you still doing comedy?” well, I can tell you I never heard of 99.9% of the other Christian Comedians working out there UNTIL I got too meet them through conferences, seminars and secret ritual services (that’s a joke…there were no seminars. I guess I can crack it up to me promoting myself to the people who needed to know me. I only cared about promoting myself to the people who would hire me. As for why I am not doing it anymore? I put performing comedy on hold at the end of 2009 as my wife have been involved in a couple of adoptions and the agency we adopted through told me they “thought it would be best” if I was home more and on the road NEVER…UGH…so that is why I came off the road and one of the ways I was inspired to look back over my interests and hobbies which led me to create a Classic Christian Music Radio Station like CCMRewind.

a glimpse of Comedian Marty Daniels on stage from Trina Daniels on Vimeo.

Over the time I was working as a comedian I met and worked with some incredibly kind and VERY FUNNY people. Kenn Kington comes too mind immediately as he took a call from a total stranger and encouraged me to go for it! I found out later that Kenn is actually pretty prolific at mentoring and encouraging NEW or ASPIRING Comedians find their way. In our first conversation he was telling me about a guy he was working with at the time, Tim Hawkins.

Other funny folks who were incredibly kind and encouraging too me at that time include Darren Streblo, John Branyan, Ron McGhee, Justin Fennell, Nazareth, Teresa Roberts Logan, Mike Williams and Sherri Shepherd, are among the guys I really enjoyed meeting, getting to know and on a few instances writing with.

A special shout out too Mike Williams for going above and beyond the call of duty and really helping me find my direction. There was one time when my wife and I drove from Columbus to Bowling Green, OH in near BLIZZARD conditions so that Mike and I could spend some time together. I picked his brain before and again after his show into the wee hours of the morning.

Each one of these guys helped me succeed and for at least a couple guys mentioned, including Mike Williams and Tim Hawkins, they credit with helping them get BIGGER LAUGHS.

If you are a stand up comedian or interested in the idea of becoming a professional comedian, you DO NOT want to hit the stage without checking out
. It is a one of a kind road map for success.

If you are looking for a comedian to come too your church in 2012…I’m booking dates now!