I will be Free from fredytobar on GodTube.

I can remember when Cindy Morgan first visited Columbus opening for Al Denson. Al had a HUGE following in Columbus and was on a real hot streak of radio friendly songs when he and Cindy Morgan performed at the Ohio Center in downtown Columbus. I always disliked the artist the labels tried to make her out to be…she was not an Pop Dance Princess as they weere selling her but she absolutely had the vocal ability to do that stuff. I always thought she was better in the ballads like “I Will Be Free”.

Cindy was singing with back up singers and dancers…I think the song was “Gonna Be Heaven” when she took a tumble…she recovered just fine and laughed about the whole thing a little later claiming “the Spirit had moved her…” it was funny and her humility was charming.

Recently I heard Cindy was living at least part time in Canada with her husband and children writing great songs that draw us closer to the ONE who has loved us before we ever knew we could betray Him so many times.

I was happy to hear Cindy add her voice to Phil Madeira‘s recent release “Mercyland: Hymns for the Rest of Us”.