Like none other, the parody and pretty much DIRECT HIT towards the most popular heretics in the faith, we present, Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor.

I especially love the “Fruit O Ministry” total…classic!

So you know (if you are not aware) Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor is the name of a fictional character created by musician and songwriter Terry Scott Taylor for a series of comedy albums.

The fictional Dr. Taylor is an amalgamation of televangelists, along the lines of Robert Tilton, Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts. The character was originally created for a 1990 best of compilation for Terry Scott Taylor’s solo albums and his bands Daniel Amos and The Swirling Eddies, planned by his record label at the time, Frontline Records. Instead of simply giving fans a compilation of previous released music, Taylor and co. created the Dr. Taylor character which served as the emcee of a make-believe telethon called the “Prickly Heat Telethon of Love.”

Dr. Taylor made a reappearance in 2003, with The Prickly Heat Radio Players, and again in 2004 with the limited edition EP, The Perfectly Frank True Story of Christmas. Dr Taylor also made a very brief appearance on The Lost Dogs
2007 Christmas album We Like to Have Christmas, on which he can be heard introducing the band as “The Lost Hogs.”