Fox News will soon have Christian-perspective movie reviews on their Friday morning segments. Starting Nov. 18, the Christian movie reviewer, Movieguide, will start airing short segments covering current box office hits.

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The founder of Movieguide, Dr. Ted Baehr, said in a release, “We are pleased to be placing our TV show on the Fox News Channel. This gives us another great opportunity to help make family life better, by helping parents make positive movie choices for their children and teenagers.”

Movieguide already does two-minute video reviews on its websites, but they were looking to expand to other channels, and Fox felt like a good fit. Baehr’s daughter Evelyn, who will appear in the first clip on Fox with her father, told The Christian Post today the purpose of the reviews is to “talk about the worldview, analyze the quality, and [give a] summary of the actual film.”

Movieguide exists to give families movie reviews from a Christian perspective using biblical standards. Their website is set up in an easy to use manner. They have the most recent box office hits on the homepage with a star rating guide to quickly and easily show what their assessment of the films are. Users can then click on the individual movies for more details.

Each film reviewed has a rating breakdown that covers how much “Language, Violence, Sex and Nudity” is in a movie. This helps parents easily see what kind of content the movies they are considering for their child has.

In addition to the rating and content breakdown, they also provide a more in-depth analysis of the film, a summary of the plot, a review of the movie and a final section called “In Brief.”

The “In Brief” section adds a final analysis of the film using a Christian worldview. For example, in this section for the movie “Puss in Boots,” they state that the movie was well made, with great 3D animation, but “the plotline is sometimes convoluted, but overall it’s funny and entertaining. Puss In Boots has a strong moral worldview, with redemptive elements.”

The group’s goal is “to redeem the values of the entertainment industry by influencing industry executives and by informing and equipping the public about the influence of the entertainment media.”

Tom Snyder, who works with Movieguide and is the vice president of the Christian Film and Television Commission, told The Christian Post their goal is to take a more positive and family-friendly approach to film. They want Christian content to take a bigger role in Hollywood, and accomplish that by influencing industry executives and informing and equipping the public through their reviews of movies.

Movieguide is in its 26th year of operation and people can access their content through the web, iPhone and Android apps, TV shows, and radio programs.