PageLines- logo.jpgIt is sort of exciting to me to see how God has His hand on this site.

I am far less faithful to updating and “working’ on it than I would have been a while ago. I get distracted easy and I also get disgusted with all the hype that is around the artists and the music. Then I get reminded that my opinion isn’t really needed because there are people who contact me nearly every week to let me know how this site has blessed them and reminded them that The One True God of the Universe loves them.

Message received by those people not really because of me but IN SPITE OF ME.

It is frustrating to be on this side of the keyboard sometimes, on this side of my thoughts knowing that God blessed me with the skills to do so much more than this but being so fed up with the “industry” that keeps cranking to a church that is little more than an industry in a culture that only knows how to make a business out of the sacred. Still…it is THAT VERY THING that slows me down from doing more too. I could make money on this site, I could do a lot of things to make money in the name of Jesus.

At the same time our Facebook and Twitter pages continue to add new connections all the time…it is all amazing to me knowing that I really do not pay attention to this site and it social media as much as I do other sites and still, it grows. Again, I am not really all that necessary to “the operation”.

How about this. Would you take a moment to pray that God would show me exactly what I should do with this site and my life?

I am not the biggest fan of Christian music, classic or otherwise. I worked in the industry and worked in radio even building a Christian radio station years ago but honestly it is nothing I am passionate about but if it is where God is moving, I want to be there and I do not want to be reluctant about it. I just want to be where he is and a part of what he is doing.

Go ahead and pray!