God is sovereign, He is all knowing and all powerful. He knows our every thought before it’s even in our minds, He knows every breath that we take and He knows what we need even before we ask. So why do we need to pray, if God already knows everything? I’m glad that you asked! I have been reading a book by Douglas F. Kelly entitled, “If God Already Knows Why Pray?” It can all be summed up in one word, relationship. Yes, God does know everything, He is the sovereign of the universe but He desires to enter into our lives, the Infinite condescending to the finite.

Kelly starts off in chapter 1 by stating that, “prayer depends on who God is; What God is really like determines everything else both in theology and in practice. The better you know God the more certain it is that you will pray to Him.” What a refreshing statement, our problem with prayer is that we think that we ‘have” to do it. It’s another item that we busy folks like to check off of our list. When in reality if we just stopped to take a breath and to truly look into who God really is, prayer would be a natural result. Kind of like our spouses or our family members, if we felt that we had to talk to them and listen to them, we would probably resent them or feel like we were getting nowhere in our relationship with them. The same is true with God, He wants relationship with us, true and genuine relationship.

The amazing thing about this is again, God is infinite and we are not. and yet as Kelly writes so well, ” although we do not understand infinity, if He is personal and I am personal, then it is most reasonable to believe that we can know each other. Furthermore, the most logical thing in all the world is that God would talk to us.” God is indeed a God of communication, He created language and syllables and words, in fact John 1:1 tells us that He is ‘the’ Word. and we are made in His image. We were made to relate to the Father through His written word.

That being said, the most logical thing for us to do is to respond and talk back to Him in prayer. If you find yourself struggling with you time in prayer, do yourself a favor and pick up Douglas F. Kelly’s book, and be encouraged to talk to your Father, He is waiting to hear from you. One last quote from Kelly to encourage you if you find yourself struggling with prayer, “There is no need to feel condemned for your failure. Instead you can ask Him to send the risen Christ into your prayerless heart. When He enters as Lord, with the forgiveness won for you on the cross, then you will be able to pray as never before!!” To that I would say a hearty Amen!!