Classic Christian Music RadioHey, I hope this post finds you doing great.

I hope you are encouraged and walking in peace with the one true God.

I am thinking that I would like to add more voices to the stream here at CCMRewind and wondering if you, the listeners, readers and enthusiasts of Classic Christian Music would want to be part of what is being built?

Here are my initial thoughts.

I’d just love if there was a couple people who would like to add their voice to the in stream netcast. I am not concerned about you being a professional broadcaster or even if you have any experience in that field. Do you have a desire? Do you have the ability to record your voice? We should talk, please contact me through the contact page!

Have you followed Christian Music and the artists that brought us the music of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2K’s? Heck, maybe you ARE one of those artists and you’d like to say hello, update people as to what is going on now and how our Lord Jesus Christ is using your abilities to introduce Him to others even now.

For this, you can choose to either add your voice in audio, written or video form and we will post it here on the site.

Maybe none of those thoughts meet up with how you see God adding your voice?  Do you have another idea of how you can be part of CCMRewind? I’m all ears…well not ALL ears but my ears are on and listening!

Are you already doing something online or offline to reach out to others with the hope, love and truth of Jesus?  Contact me here and lets see how we may be able to work together.