I am very excited to announce that in a few hours we will gratefully launch our very first podcast of your favorite Classic Christian Music Artists…this is a big step for us as we have been praying about what direction to go with the site and name for literally years.

As you listen for the first time, please take a few things into account.

  • Most notably, this is THE START…a beginning place, not the finished delivery.
  • Our hope above everything is that you and the listeners now and down the line will find encouragement, hope and if it is dim a kindling in their spirit.
  • Our goal is to point people towards Jesus and not to make mini-gods of any of the artists because certainly Jesus is our only hope.

So why are we doing a podcast and why don’t we have all the liners, jingles, advertisers and so on in it?

Well, CCMRewind is something that has been with ME (Marty Daniels) since 1999 when my good friend and CCM Radio veteran Bill DeWees noted there was no classic format to play much of the Christian music that was prodcued from the earlier 90’s, 80’s and 70’s. As things go, Bill was busy with leading the excellent radio program at Olivet Nazarene University – WONU/Shine89 in Illinois and didn’t have the time to commit to this sort of project. Me? I was working with a group of stations in Tampa and much like Bill, time was at a premium so the project sat for another couple years.

At that time I personally found myself in a crisis of faith where I candidly did not give a rip if a classic formatted station ever got done.  I wandered for nearly 10 years until Our Lord, gently and lovingly called me back to life. Not that I was ever out of His clutches but was I running the other way?  That would be an understatement.  Now with my stubbornness on the sidelines my willingness has been there but the time and resources has not.

Today while reading my devotionals I was strongly convicted to simply DO IT…

I have no ambition nor inkling to become a titan from this sort of thing, I am not interested in celebrity and hold no artist, pastor, performer, evangelist or other in any esteem other than that which they deserve as being a treasured creation and child of the most high God…just like you and me.

So please know that I’m not looking to stoke the fires of idolatry even higher in a church culture that is consumed with it nor do I think these artists have anything more figured out in their walk with Jesus than you or I…what they do is sing nice songs that affirm my journey and remind me of where my hope is and comes from.

With all of that, I hope you enjoy and are blessed by this offering and the ones that follow which will be found at http://CCMRewind.com/podcast later today.