With 19 number one hits and over 3 million record sales, Jeremy Camp has already made a name for himself in the music industry. Jeremy Camp’s current “We Cry Out” Tour played Ohio on Monday and is already gearing up for their next show as I write. But on a special program by Moody Radio, Jeremy Camp joined fellow musician Stephen Curtis Chapman and Greg Laurie to share when times were not so good, when grief touched their lives and families like it does yours.

Hear how Camp experienced back-to-back number one musical hits but still suffered the loss of his first wife to ovarian cancer, as well as how his son was diagnosed without a heartbeat during the third month of his wife Adie’s pregnancy. But it is still Jeremy Camp who sings “Give Me Jesus” and “Jesus Saves.” You can check out the “Give Me Jesus” YouTube video in the lower left-hand corner to enjoy a visual with the song as you listen.

Jeremy Camp’s music continues to encourage and inspire others as they walk through their own low points in life, but he isn’t the only one who shares the reason he has hope and can keep singing after the losses he experienced. Stephen Curtis Chapman shares in the Moody Harvest Chicago Special about his own struggles with loss.

Steven Curtis Chapman is as famous — if not more so — for his musical accomplishments as Jeremy Camp in the Christian community, but he and his wife experienced one of the most heartbreaking losses a family can endure when their son accidentally hit and killed his younger adopted sister at the family’s home, while reversing his vehicle out of the driveway.

And while the Chapman family isn’t the only one touched by suffering and death and loss in our world today, they are a family willing to speak out about why they have hope in the midst of such a struggle, too. To hear Moody’s Special on grief and loss and Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman’s stories click on Chicago Harvest Part 1.