Take a Christian who’s lost his faith, an agnostic with a Jewish heritage, a cheerful personality whose life’s mission is to spread sunshine, an artist searching for something deeper, and a woman who loves adventures and you’ve got “Journey to Christmas.” And no, this isn’t another cheesy Christmas story – it’s real.

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The “Journey to Christmas” is a four-part documentary series that shows the real story of five people looking for the true meaning of Christmas.

The documentary follows the group as they travel through the Holy Land, led by a local biblical scholar, Nizar Shaheen, who helps bring the biblical nativity story to life for a 21st century audience.

The diversity of the series’ cast is highlighted through each member’s motivation for participating in the documentary. The motivation of the participants ranges from a desperation to know if God is real to a desire to explore the historical aspects of Christmas.

“But at this time in my life, there is a spiritual desperation. Either there’s a God or there’s not a God,” said Marshall.

The host of Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, Marshall began his career as a broadcaster by walking into the JOY 1250 studios with no experience, pitching an idea to host a show that was “different.”

Throughout his years he has been called the “Howard Stern of Christian Radio” because of his straight to the point honesty and willingness to interview people that other Christian talk shows would normally stir clear of, such as: The High Priest of the Wiccan Church of Canada, High Priest of the Church of Satan, along with various secular television personalities.

Despite his successful career and 30 years as a devout Christian, Marshall announced to his audience that he had fallen out of faith and wasn’t “convinced” anymore of the existence of God.