Strange confession time.

I was never a Rocker! I know!

So many people think that by starting CCMRewind that my roots are in Rock because while in mainstream radio I worked at Rock and Classic Rock stations and then when working in Christian radio I was pretty much always the guy who hosted the “rock show” or as many old timers called it at the time, “the childrens programming!”. When I built a radio station several years back, it was one of the first Christian Rock radio stations in the country and it gets even weirder, when I worked with indie artists to help market them to radio, most of them were ROCKERS and when I worked for labels, those were ROCK too and I worked promoting people like Ken Tamplin, Bride, Barren Cross, Neon Cross and more but I am not and never have been a rocker. I have friends that were and still are and trust me, I am calling on them now as we build CCMRewind to help me remember all the music.

All that said, about me NOT being a rocker, there were a few bands I really, really, really liked that were unquestionably ROCKERS!

Mylon and Broken Heart were close to the top for sure. When Mylon was led to put down Broken Heart, he had a couple of projects that were praise in nature with a strong AC lean. One such project was “Faith, Hope & Love” which included collaborations with several other Christian Music artist including Michael W Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, 4Him and Ricky Skaggs. While cross format collaboration is a pretty common thing nowadays, back then it was odd and almost uncomfortable too my ears to hear Mylon sing with these other artists. That isn’t to say it was a bad experience but simply that it was odd.

Are there any odd duets in Christian music that you can remember? Tell us who they are and we’ll look them up and add them too our library!