in 1993 I hosted a night show in Toledo, Ohio. My wife worked with me along with a cast of other Christian Misfits who were determined to (while we were able to get away with it) reach beyond the walls of the church and into the darker places.

One night my wife who was my call screener took a call from a girl who had been dancing in a “gentleman’s club” and prostituting since she was 14. Let that sink in…14!

She called into the station requesting a mainstream song thinking that what we were playing was NEW ROCK when in fact it was HARD ROCK. In all honesty, I had very little right to do that show because I was so unfamiliar with that type of music. I never once was ever even curious about any of these bands but I was certain that if God can use me, He can and does use EVERYTHING ELSE. So I played the music and stayed out of the way and that is when “Michelle” called in. My wife stayed on the phone with her for 3 hours, talking too, loving and ministering too this 20 year old girl who had no idea who she was about too meet.

Trina, my wife, set up a time to meet with Michelle the next day for lunch. In the meantime we had a group of people praying for Michelle, Praying for Trina and praying for their safety when they did meet. That first meeting went great, they clicked and God opened up doors for Trina to share Christ in action and word. A few weeks later Michelle came to the realization that none of the men she had ever known before loved her the way she deserved to be loved. She accepted Christ but struggled with giving up the money she made dancing. In one night she would make 300-500 dollars. While she was articulate and pretty, she would have a hard time finding a job that would replace that sort of money and provide for the lifestyle she had grown accustomed too.

Several more weeks of Bible study, love and encouragement later, Michelle came to realize that what she was doing was not “glamorous” but instead evil and took a job cleaning houses.

A couple years later Michelle started a Bible study reaching out to the women who are often trapped in the lifestyle of “dancing”, prostitution and drugs. And it all happened because a LOVING GOD can and does use ANYTHING FOR HIS PURPOSES!

I want to encourage you to check out the program promoted in the video we shared above. Annie who is NOT OUR MICHELLE is a former “high end” escort and is now married to Oz Fox of Stryper and has an incredible testimony of how God called her out of darkness into HIS WONDERFUL LIGHT!

Hookers: Saved on the Strip Premieres December 8th 10/9c | For more, visit here. | She’s blond, brash and a fearless former high-class call girl. Annie Lobert now answers to a higher calling as she bravely patrols the streets of Las Vegas to combat sex trafficking and to save women caught in the downward spiral of prostitution.