NDP-LOGO-STICKER-Investing-in-Hope...-Transforming-our-Nation-Through-Prayer[1]Today marks the date of the 62nd National Day of Prayer which was established as an annual event in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.  I find it odd that less that a full decade later Prayer in school was taken out.

As with any year, this year we have much to pray for but before we pray for anything I think it is a proper for those of us whole call ourselves Christians to repent.

I have been asked “Why would you say that, we are SAVED and already repented?” and I get that but all we need to do is peek our head out of the subculture we bury ourselves in to realize the reputation we have given Christ in our nation.  Sure, some people who have an axe to grind with the church and Jesus are leaning on crutches they themselves don’t fully understand but the truth is our culture is where it is today because we became more like Judas and less like Jesus.

Let me explain.

  • We have become greedy. Seeking to make a buck on anything and everything that we can put a fish sign or cross on.
  • We are proud of more than what we have right to be proud of.
  • We lust for power in our churches, politics and businesses.
  • We have turned our back on discipleship of new Believers.
  • We have replaced real worship with a feeling generated by dimmed lights and melodies.
  • We have excluded ourselves from so many social conversations and social issues because we are simply tired of being “different” or unable to engage in a conversation with someone who does not agree with us.
  • We have allowed Jesus to become little more than a political talking point or product pitch man instead of the Messiah.
  • We have become dependent on wolves in sheep clothes to tell us what the Bible says and means more than we are willing to take the time and read the text ourselves.
  • We have continued to embrace the faith and actions of the crusades over the example Jesus gave us to follow.

For these things, we MUST repent and ask him to recapture our heart and retrain our mind so that we can follow Him and he can heal our land.

Will you join me in repenting?