Karen Bostic knows all about family.

Her grandmother always had an open-door policy for family members.

So it’s no surprise that the single mother of four and foster parent opened her heart to the possibility of adoption. Last year, she adopted now 7-year-old Christian.

During Saturday’s Eighth Annual Prince William County National Adoption Day festivities, she took in two more children: 7-year-old Jaden and 2-year-old Hansel.

“I have been doing foster care for 15 years, so there were always children in the house,” said Bostic. “What’s one more?”

Bostic, who has served as a foster mother to 61 children, said it was natural for her to take in Hansel after spending time with him at the hospital just after he was born. A drug-affected child born with opiates in his system, Hansel is now a growing young toddler with cherub cheeks and a winning smile.

Seven children were adopted or recognized for a previous adoption on Saturday. Like Bostic, the Dudley family opened their doors despite having four children of their own. Hannah, the second of what will eventually be three adopted children, was recognized on Saturday.

Bob Dudley’s brother’s girlfriend –  who served jail time on drug charges — gave birth to all three children. After taking in 3-year-old Skylar, Dudley said they didn’t hesitate when they learned the mother was pregnant with Hannah.

Same goes for Noah, a 3-month-old cutie the Dudleys just picked up from Tennessee on Friday.

“We’re Christian and I believe it’s a calling from God to take in children who don’t have a proper family,” Dudley said. “God says to take in widows and orphans.”

Near the end of the ceremony, Bob sang a rendition of the Christian song, “All I Really Want for Christmas [is a Family],” penned by Steven Curtis Chapman. A singer at his Woodbridge church, Dudley sang the same song at a charity function for foster children.

Hannah’s social worker, Lisa Rankin, heard about his vocal skills and convinced Bob to sing at the Adoption Day event.

As he does every year, Prince William Circuit Court Judge Richard B. Potter presided over the event, doling out encouragement to the parents and their new family members.

“Yesterday you were part of the household,” Potter told the children. “Today you are part of the family.”

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