Rebecca St. James has always been a personal favorite of mine (and don’t take this the wrong way) not because of her music but instead because of THE LIGHT she shines.

Let me explain.

I was working as an independent music promoter in the Christian Music Industry back in 1996 and like everyone else in the Christian Music Industry, I was in Nash-Vegas for Gospel Music Association week and the Dove Awards. While there I made use of the bevy of Christian Music Artists looking for someone to talk too and interviewed people for radio buddy’s who couldn’t make the trip.

The week is chaotic and after a few interviews I got used to the fact that it was rare to actually make eye contact with an artist while interviewing them in the lobby, on the trade show floor or at restaurants where I was picking up the tab. Why? There is always a bigger fish in the pond and they want to make sure they don’t miss reeling that one in. No demerit too ANYONE, they work in a very competitive environment and one face to face encounter with the right person could very well change the course of their career.

So there it is about 3PM on Tuesday of GMA WEEK and I am walking in to the rather large downtown hotel that is the epicenter of the entire event and RSJ is walking out with maybe 5 other people who are managers, label reps, etc. I hold the door for them (because that is the way Ohio boys are raised) and say “Hey, Rebecca, good too see you, congratulations on your success. Have a nice day.” she responded “Thanks.” and walked on down the sidewalk.

A day later I am at a coffee cart getting my fix when I hear a young Aussie accent say “kindness is a gift”. Of course it was Rebecca St. James and from there I interviewed her for maybe 15 minutes. I am happy to share that during the interview she was engaging and locked in on our discussion. After the interview she did some custom drops for my buddy’s. It was refreshing after all the other bobble head interviews the one young artist who was ABSOLUTELY BLOWING UP during that time kept her head.