On this date in 1991 we were just getting to know a new artist by the name ofSusan Asthon through her song “Down On My Knees“. Incredibly over the
next Four (4) years, she would have a string of Sixteen (16) songs in the Top
Ten of the Christian music charts with Nine (9) of those taking the top spot
including “Hunger And Thirst“, “Walk On By“, “Remember Not” and “Stand“.

You can view more of her music here including whole projects and individual
mp3 singles you can purchase from Amazon.

Its been a while since we heard anything from her but we’re happy to report
that on her artist Facebook page she posted

NEW MUSIC IN THE MAKING!!! My tracking crew this past Thursday – Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, John Hammond, Jimmie Lee Sloas and, our fabu engineer, Todd Robbins!!!”

It’s just a shame she could get any A LIST talent to work with her on this new
project, eh?

I remember interviewing Ashton shortly after she broke on the scene.  I
LOVED IT because she was HONEST.  I love this interview clip presented by
the Worship Network because it gives me a glimpse into what I found so
refreshing about her at the time.