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There it is, one of my personal favorite female voices in Christan Music of the 90’s, Susan Ashton makes a really strong return to recording with a confessional project called “Thief” on the Texas based Be Music brand with Michael Blanton at the helm.

Some have complained that the project only contains Six (6) tunes I’m not disappointed. Her voice is that good, the songs are that powerful on Thief.  Admittedly, even when I was working for a label I hated that artists were forced to live by a Ten (10) song minimum. It’s entirely ridiculous and that rule of thumb has pushed a LOT of crappy music through the years.

Of the song offerings on Thief, I am hard pressed to chose a favorite but for the sake of naming one that I TOTALLY GET because I’ve lived it I would chose “The Wrong Well

When you’re drinking water from the wrong well
You’re dieing of thirst but you can’t tell
And every sip you take leads a little closer to hell
When you’re drinking water from the wrong well

I’m not proud of that testimony but I am thankful that I was redeemed, cleaned and given new hope by Jesus Christ when He washed away my sins and paid every single debt I owed.

Would I recommend you purchase Thief?  YES.

I am so glad that Susan Ashton is singing again and while my heart breaks a little when I hear her sing some of what her journey has been over the last several years, I am also able to rejoice because I know WHO it is who holds her, heals her and will use EVERY single thing for GOOD that our common enemy (the Devil) meant to destroy her.

Hopefully we’ll be able to connect with Susan for an interview in the very near future.  You can connect with Susan through her website and also on her page on facebook or even twitter!