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Steve Camp – Do You Feel Their Pain

Back in 1989 Steve Camp released what to this day is still my favorite Christian music project ever, Justice.

If ever anyone came close to matching the message and passion that had been missing since the tragic death of Keith Green, Camp came close with his offering which was not simply a slap on the back to the church but instead an absolute challenge to have our actions, motives and priorities match those of Biblical Christianity.

“Do You Feel Their Pain” included a choir of voices that included Bebe and Cece Winans, Margaret Becker and many others but beyond the voices, it was the message that stuck with me, even haunted and inspired me to a time of examination of my own faith for which I am grateful.

Margaret Becker – Keep My Mind

Undoubtedly one of the greatest female voices of Christian Music in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Margaret Becker delivered this concept video for the Soul project.  Produced by Charlie Peacock.

Margaret has written over 20 #1 songs in her career. My personal favorites are her Immigrants Daughter, The Reckoning, Simple House and the previously mentioned, Soul project.

Charlie Peacock – In the Light

Charlie Peacock was a jazz prodigy.

While Charlie was well known in the CCM industry, because of his obvious skills, he was not widely embraced. Musically he didn’t always fit into the playlist of what AC Christian radio and his candid, open, vulnerable style of relating the gospel had him nearly as misunderstood as Steve Taylor and Mark Heard. Regardless, Charlie always seemed to remain on the fringes of the mainstream, not a bad place too be.

In the early and mid 90’s he was a highly sought Producer by artists such as Out of the Grey, Jimmy A, Margaret Becker and many, many others. Recently he is credited with producing the HOTTER THAN HOT duo The Civil Wars national debut project Barton Hollow