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Randy Stonehill – Shut De Do

A few months back Randy Stonehill made what turned out to be a FEW trips to Northeast Ohio for some concerts. I wanna say right off that I’ve seen Randy a handful of times over the last 30 years and in 2012 he is as fun to “spend an evening with” as he has ever been.

Classic Christian Music Radio 24 7 365. We play the best Christian Music by the artists you know and love.In 1994 in Toledo, OH when I was working at YESFM a local promoter brought Randy in for a songwriting seminar and concert. Being a young Christian I interviewed Mr. Stonehill on my show one night and I asked him what he would be sharing with those that attend the seminar to which he said “I haven’t got a clue, Gods had to write everything I’ve ever done…” to which he chuckled and then said the biggest asset he’s had to writing a song has been “…sleep deprivation…” He is funny, spontaneous and makes you feel comfortable regardless if he is talking with you one on one or if he is on a stage talking to several hundred people at once. Continue reading

Carolyn Arends – Lessons From an Usher (New CT Column)

Listen to classic christian music from classic christian artists singing contemporary christian music from the 80's, christian music in the 90's and christian music of the early 2000's.  Artists like Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Steve Camp, Bebe and Cece Winans, Rick Cua, Randy Stonehill, Michael English, Gaither Vocal Band, 4Him, Point of Grace, Out of the Grey, Margaret Becker, Kim Hill, Susan Ashton, Eric Champion, Russ Taff, The Imperial, Whiteheart, Petra, Wayne Watson, Dalls Holms, Dallas Holmes, Brayn Duncan, Sweet Comfort Band, David Meece, Chuck Girard, Bob Bennett, Ray Boltz, PFR, Pray For Rain, Sixpence, Jon Gibson, Crystal Lewis, Newsboys, Audio A, Degarmo and Key, Michael Card, Twila Paris, Benny Hester, Farrell and Farrell, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Leslie Phillips, Rich Mullins, Mylon and Broken Heart, First Call, Billy Sprague, Bob Bennett, Bruce Carroll, Kim Boyce, Steve Green, Newsong, Tim Minor, Billy Crockett, Allies, Bob Carlisle, Lenny Leblanc, Morgan Cryar,Rob Frasier,Michele Wagner,Kenny Marks,Phil Keaggy,Roby Duke,Al Denson,Kathy Troccoli,David & The Giants,Geoff Moore & The Distance,Michael Omartian,Helen Baylor,Phillips, Craig & Dean,Dick & Melodie Tunney,Phillip Sandifer,Lisa Bevill,Kelli Reisen, Cindy Morgan, Wes King, more classic christian music artists on christian music radio CCMRewind.comI just wrapped up an interview with Carolyn Arends and let me say that I like her even more now than I did before the interview.

Her most recent project is called “Love Was Here First” and if you don’t have it in your library just yet, it should for sure be on your WISH LIST – MUST HAVE…you get the idea, it is great!!

If you are a fan or curious to know more about Carolyn Arends, why not read her blog…interesting, fun read!

Welcome. Of all the blogs in all the towns in all the cyber-world, you walked into mine…and I couldn’t be happier.  If we haven’t  met, my name is Carolyn.  I am a singer/songwriter, author, speaker, college instructor, part-time graduate student, wife, mother and slightly distracted driver. (I’m working on the driver part. Road safety is important.)  I live in Surrey, BC with my husband Mark and our two kids, Ben and Beth.

I love ideas and language (and chocolate).  I’m convinced that the Kingdom of Heaven is near, and I’m rather preoccupied with figuring out all the things that might mean. This is where I blog, and where, I hope, we get to know each other. Thanks for being here. [ MORE ]

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