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Steve Camp – Do You Feel Their Pain

Back in 1989 Steve Camp released what to this day is still my favorite Christian music project ever, Justice.

If ever anyone came close to matching the message and passion that had been missing since the tragic death of Keith Green, Camp came close with his offering which was not simply a slap on the back to the church but instead an absolute challenge to have our actions, motives and priorities match those of Biblical Christianity.

“Do You Feel Their Pain” included a choir of voices that included Bebe and Cece Winans, Margaret Becker and many others but beyond the voices, it was the message that stuck with me, even haunted and inspired me to a time of examination of my own faith for which I am grateful.

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Steve Camp – He’s All You Need

I can remember when I first became a follower of Christ and I “discovered” the music of Steve Camp.

Songs like He’s All You Need” helped me find my way as it reminded me of the only hope I have is the grace, mercy and faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

Here we are nearly 30 years later and this song still draws me right back to the foot of the cross by reminding me that indeed even today HE is all I need!

Carman “1955”

Recently Carman Licciardello or “Carman” shared on facebook that he has been battling cancer.

Take a moment and pray for Carman not only for this battle but for every battle he encounters that is opposed to the work Christ would do through him.

I will admit, in 10+ years in Christian Music Radio I never really understood how a guy who was part Liberace and part Billy Graham was so popular. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy his music because I DID and still DO! I recall one pairing with Carman that I thought was particularly odd and that was with Steve Camp on Revive Us, O Lord. Great song and both really talented performers and great messengers but for whatever reason it was like the first time you thought of combining chocolate and peanut butter…maybe more like cottage cheese and pineapple. Ultimately enjoyable and refreshing but not something you can reconcile in your mind.

Here is “1955”, a classic Christian tune from Carmans’ Addicted To Jesus (Addicted To Jesus Album Version)