At this time, on this date in 2001 I was in my office in front of my computer putting together some notes for my daily show. Strangely I saw a photo of the first plane impacting Tower 1 but it really didn’t register as “real”. I could not fathom it would be anything but a twisted imagination of some Hollywood script.

0[1]It still stuns me today and I have to say I don’t view the world in the same way as I did at 8:45 AM that day.  Gratefully I don’t view my Savior in the same way either.

In the years since the attack I have rooted down to discover why I believe what I believe. Thankfully I can tell you my faith is not rooted in a political party, an entertainment industry or the number of zeroes on the better side of a decimal point.

The cowardly attacks of 9-11 were just that. Cowardly attacks by people who felt hopeless and powerless to do anything productive to change their situation. The spirit of those cowards lives on today in the barbarians who slaughter, rape and maim our brothers and sisters around the globe.

Among those I am praying that God is calling out another SAUL who will experience a life changing encounter with the creator, refiner and finisher of our faith. In so doing I am praying for a mass revival from among them and that in everything Jesus will be glorified.

For the family and friends and observers of all that transpired on this date in 2001 I pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will comfort, heal and give you grace to pursue living in HIS peace.

As for myself, I have found many of the books fromescaperoutesen[1] Plough Publishing very helpful and would encourage you to checkout Escape Routes: For People Who Feel Trapped in Life’s Hells.  The book is entirely FREE and available to download for immediate reading.