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Denver Broncos star quarterback Tim Tebow has cancelled plans to speak at the three-day revival event organized by Ohio televangelist Rod Parsley, a Tebow spokesperson said Wednesday.

The event, set to be held in Columbus, Ohio, from March 16-18, is called “Contending for the Faith” weekend. Fellow pastors Kenneth Copeland, Isaac Pitre, and Clint Brown will join Parsley in speaking to massive audiences on how they can strengthen their Christian faith.

The event, scheduled to take place at Parsley’s Valor Christian College, promises attendees that they will “grow in faith, experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and learn how the anointing of God…can resonate” in their lives. The event website also promises “a very special ‘Partners ONLY’ anointing service.”

In a phone interview with The Associated Press Wednesday, the quarterback’s brother, Robbie Tebow, said Tim’s scheduling team had previously said yes to the event without doing proper research.

“I know for a fact that Tim is not going to be a part of it,” Tebow told AP. “That’s being resolved.”

Rod Parsley has been considered controversial by some because he is a part of the “prosperity Gospel” movement, which preaches that Christians should strive to be wealthy as a part of God’s will.

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Joe Carter, editor of The Gospel Coalition, supported the young athlete’s decision, writing on The Gospel Coalition’s blog that Parsley’s “prosperity Gospel” teachings are false.

“The young quarterback understands that by speaking at the event he would be lending his credibility to men who preach a false gospel,” Carter wrote.

“By refusing to speak at the event, he may be able to signal to people unfamiliar with the prosperity gospel that those who believe in the true gospel should avoid publicly associating with these false teachers,” he added.